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For any of you who would like to have to have hands-on experience working with the cards, I have scheduled Workshops be be held on the Last Sunday of each Month. They will last about 2 to 2-1/2hours, starting at 2:00 pm at 345 Bird Road, (the NE corner of Bird Rd at Lejeune) in Coral Gables, FL.

To RSVP and choose any workshop you wish to attend, please email me at, or call (305) 441-9117 by the Friday before the last Sunday of the month you wish to attend. Workshops are $20. Space is limited to give everyone a chance at hands-on Readings, so please get your reservations in as early as possible.

You must have a book to attend.*  Paypal is available on this site for you to reserve your space or purchase the book (see more info below).

*You will need the book for exercises during the week before the workshop. Each morning, you are to select a card and set it aside face down. In the evening, turn over the card, and check its interpretation in the book. Please use a small notebook or journal (or large if you prefer), to note down the cards you’ve picked each day, as well as any impressions you may have as to how the card relates to the events of your day, or thoughts you have had about something that is on-going in your life. Bring the journal to the Workshop

We'll go over your chosen cards together at each workshop. Then have a review of the elements for those new (and old) to the process. During each workshop we’ll explore different facets of working with the cards, work with different layouts, and points of view. Then you'll get the opportunity to do Readings and we'll share our insights for, and with each other.

We are all such unique individuals. Our ways of looking at things, of exploring them, and the variety of our particular perceptions will help us help each other. We all can offer each other a new way of experiencing what's happening in our lives-- and a new and fresh perspective.

* Books are available on this website, at Five Sisters, 21121 S. Dixie Highway, Miami, Florida, or Celestial Treasures, 3444 Main Hwy, #17, Coconut Grove FL, or from or




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